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Agate and Indigo

Selenite puffy heart palm stone worry stone

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Selenite puffy heart palm stone worry stone. Approximately 2.5-3 x 2.5-3 inches at widest points. Selenite is known as liquid light because of its healing properties and ability to keep negative energy away. It is a very protective stone and great for clearing the energy in your space. Selenite is calming and may assist with sleep and stabilizing emotions encouraging tranquility and mental clarity. It also enhances meditation and spiritual practices. You can cleanse and recharge your selenite easily by leaving it under the moon light. Selenite is a light carrier so it is a good idea to place it where it can absorb sunshine during the day as well. These hearts make great gifts. Free gift wrap when marked as a gift. FREE shipping with $35 purchase These are my stock photos and no two crystals are identical. Natural variation in size, color, details will be present on your unique piece.
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