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Agate and Indigo

Holy Mother Mary Divine Mother Universal Mother Virgin Mary painting with Amazonite, Agate and Crystals wall art

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Holy Mother Mary Cosmic Mother Universal Mother Virgin Mary painting with Crystals wall art


Acrylic paint, gold embossing and adorned with the full rainbow spectrum of healing crystals including rose quartz, carnelian, citrine, aventurine, aquamarine and amethyst all preserved in resin.

This Mary is surrounded by Amazonite. Her halo is a one of a kind agate slice surrounded by citrine rays of pure heavenly light to bless you on your journey. She reminds you to offer yourself compassion so you can also extend that compassion to others. She is here to support and guide you with the tender comforts of maternal energy. The small Crystal covered heart can hold dried flowers and will arrive full of my home grown dried lavender. The opening is small, but the flowers can be changed out as you wish. Dried flowers are recommended so that you don’t need water which can damage the resin coating over time. 4 x 12 mixed media canvas ready to hang.

Handmade with love in Colorado.
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