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Agate and Indigo

Divine Feminine Intergalactic Cosmic Labradorite goddess floral bud vase flower and resin art

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Divine Feminine Intergalactic Cosmic Goddess floral bud vase flower art 4x 12 inch canvas with acrylic painted galaxy background with gold embossing glitter, glitter resin moon, labradorite adorned triangle bud vase, with flower bud vase all protected in art resin. One of a kind. Ready to hang. Handmade with love in Colorado. Free shipping! For indoor use. (Flowers/air-plants in vase as pictured not included) CARING FOR YOUR GODDESS… Your goddess is sealed in water resistant resin. Air plants or faux plants are recommended. The triangle bud vases can hold fresh water for fresh flowers, but please clean out every other day or so to ensure your goddess stays beautiful. Soil is not recommended for use in the vase as it can erode, discolor or damage the resin after time. Air plants are great because they don’t require water. You simply soak them in water for 10 minutes every two weeks and then place them back into the goddess triangle vase. Thank you and I hope you love having this goddess in your sacred space.
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